• Take your first step into the world of programming
  • Help Toto and Doc repair their spaceship
  • Strengthen your logical and creative way of thinking
  • Learn the logic behind programming


CodeBot is a game that introduces kids in pre-preparatory classes to the logical thinking behind programming in a fun and easy way.

What is CodeBot about?

In CodeBot, we meet the characters Toto and Doc who are repairing their spaceship which has been hit by a comet. The task is to code Toto and Doc’s robots (hence the name CodeBot) towards dropped tools and further into the engine room by creating a path of different commandoes. The commandoes are given by using the arrow keys, providing the visual direction and challenging the child’s ability to orientate.

CodeBot consists of 80 levels of an increasing learning curve. When the players have programmed their way through the 80 levels, the spaceship is repaired, and Toto and Doc can travel on towards new adventures.  

Why programming?

Programming is all about logic. By developing children’s understanding of programming, we can strengthen their logical and creative way of thinking, which they can benefit from across the courses in primary school – and in many other settings as well. Programming, however, can be a bit tricky to dive into as the majority of people combine the word ‘programming’ with advanced technology. But it does not have to be that way.

With CodeBot, Minitutor has created a game that teaches children about connections and introduces them to the core elements of programming.

For school and for spare time      

CodeBot is designed to work both as the short game, children can play when having 10 minutes left of class or when on-the-go with the family. However, it is also a game that invites for longer periods of playtime due to the progression in difficulty. CodeBot is available in Danish, German and English and can be downloaded to both iOs and Android devices.





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