Number Crusher - Preschool Math Game

  • Serious educational app for your child’s first daily numbers and math practice
  • Number recognition, order of numbers and simple equations
  • Supplement to math books and number practice
  • Four minigames in three difficulties

Number Crusher

The purpose of Number Crusher is to practice the earliest understanding of numbers, and the focus is on the numbers’ shapes and relation to each other as well as what they represent. Set theory, number sequences and simple addition are fundamental for understanding numbers and getting ready for math in elementary school.

Preschool Math Game

Learn the numbers’ shape and writing direction

One of the many things you have to master in early math practice is to write the numbers. Children need this skill in order to write the answers to the equations in their math books. In Number Crusher, children learn to write the numbers from 0-9 in a simple and fun way.

Learn the relation between numbers and amounts

In Number Crusher, children learn the connection between numbers and the amounts they represent by seeing them represented by tangible and easily recognisable objects. Help the Minitutor alien by collecting the right amount of bolts for the broken UFO.

Learn how to count to 10 (and higher for the practiced)

1-2-3-4… One of the first things we learn about numbers is their order. In Number Crusher, children have to guide through a number-labyrinth in the correct order. The easiest difficulty takes them from 1-10, and harder difficulties take them all the way up to 99.

Learn how to add two numbers together

Addition is the next natural step after the child has learned to count. In Minitutor’s Number Crusher, we show the equations both as numbers and as amounts so even the youngest can participate.

Using digital learning materials

We recommend using Number Crusher for 10 minutes at home with your child, in preschool or in elementary school as a variation to the first daily numbers and math practice. Talk with your child about the assignments, and let the child explain and describe the assignments and solutions.

Expert math teachers with years of experience developed the content in Number Crusher.

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  • Set Theory
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